Rat Ten

by Rat.Ten

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These are the first properly recorded songs gathered in a nice EP. Thanks to all our friends for their support and to everyone who helped get us this far. May we soon release our first full length album!


released September 14, 2018




Rat.Ten Freiburg, Germany

Rat.Ten play dirty Punk from the cellars of Freiburg.

Lello - Drums, Vocals
Caspa - Bass, Vocals
Yoshi - Guitar, Vocals

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Track Name: Rat Ten
whiskers in the dark
shine through these metal bars
rat ten is locked in
locked in in that cage
all engulfing misery
bread and dust sustain it
white lights of science
shine on the rat

lab coats come and go
sticking needles everywhere
green toxic bases
and corrosive blue acids
a ten inch rat gets a ten inch cage
there‘s excrement in the corner
high pitched sounds of science
assault the ears of the rat

thoughts of freedom come and go
wants to break free of this trap
a file breaks the cages bar
quickly shuffle to the exit

between the feet of doctors
throught the venting outside
run through the grass and electric fence
never turn back and get caught

maurice was liberated
from the cold and dark
he stands on the hill
he screams towards the sky:
I am not a number
I‘m a free rat
Track Name: Times of Turmoil
face these streets of dark,
face these times of turmoil.
there is no way out,
death won‘t be a release

the power is now in the hands of machines,
they are the ones that are in control!
is there hope for the flawed and decrepit?
more and more adjustment by augmentation!


atomic bombs and computerized bureaucracy
were the salvation to all our problems
the world leaders demanded complete integration
we all knew this was the apocalypse!


refrain b:
break these chains around us
break these walls before
find a way to the core,
cut those logic circuits // meld the mind to the machine
heut noch auf die straße geh'n
demos voller kapuzenpullis
richtige männer im black bloc
so militant und radikal

nazis klatschen, nazis boxen!

unter dem bengalischen feuer
ruft man auf zur direkten aktion
dann aufbruch im großen block
doch vor dem klatschen: KESSEL!


einmal außerhalb der masse agieren!
einmal die nazis wirklich blockieren!

nach der GeSa wird gefeiert!
nichts erreicht und doch dabei
unüberlegter lifestyle und
keiner ist politisch!

Track Name: Nik la Bac
le matin quand je sors de chez moi
j‘ai deja peur de les voir
ils rodent, ils rodent autour des tours
les putains d‘HLM vautours


et si t‘est noir vaut mieux pas les voir
ils t‘aiment pas ils sont formes pour sa
tout les jours en toute impunite
ils commettent des atrocitees


qu‘ils portent une uniforme ou pas
tant qu‘ils servent l‘etat
out va tous, tous les annihiler
pour en fin vivre en libertee


l‘apres-midi j‘vais en manif‘, il faut être tres attentif
a chaque prochaine coin de rue, bien cache sans etre vu
ils pourraient nous attaquer essayer d‘nous dissiper
et crois moi s‘ils en chopent un, ils le boufferont comme un chien


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